Is there another Gladiator Heroes update on the way?

We’re dropping a few hints on some big changes headed your way…

We know, we know… you’re still recovering from the last update, which was packed full of new features such as a weapons ranking system, multiplayer replay and the forge. But what if we told you that there is another, even bigger update heading your way?

That’s right, in the next few weeks our development team will be dropping yet another update for Gladiator Heroes, and this one includes a new building, new battle types and new prizes.

Without giving too much away, we can tell you that multiplayer as you know it will be completely revolutionised. The new multiplayer system, which will be kept under wraps until the update is launched, will give you more options, more opponents, and different prizes.

Back on the regular map, we’ll be adding an extra layer of combats which will allow you to win a different sort of prize. What are these prizes, you ask? We can’t tell you… but let’s just say they have something to do with a new, fixed building coming to your city soon.

There’s also new, rival lanista infringing on the boundaries of your city… and according to some passing travellers, his fighters are unbeatable.

We’re also giving you more control about when and how you collect bonus resources for your city.

The last Gladiator Heroes update had players rushing to repurpose old weapons in the new forge, a building that allows you to improve weapon statistics. The armoury ranking system was also overhauled, meaning that you gladiators need to reach certain levels to utilise their corresponding weapons.

Plus, we gave you the ability to rewatch multiplayer battles that took place while you were logged out of the app.

These updates are part of a series that we’ll be launching in the lead up to the global launch, set to take place within the next few months.

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