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The development team behind Gladiator Heroes will this week participate in a live fan chat via the game’s official Facebook players’ group.

On Thursday, February 23 from 4:00pm Central European time, the developers will be answering questions in the group ‘Gladiator Heroes Players’.

The hour-long chat will give players and fans the opportunities to ask questions about the game’s programming and design, as well as gain exclusive information on the next update.

Players can also interact with each other, sharing information, strategy, advice and tips.

More information:

When: Thursday, February 23 at 4:00pm Central European Time
Where: Gladiator Heroes Players – Facebook group
How to join in:

  1. Request to join the Gladiator Heroes Players group
  2. On Thursday, February 23 at 4:00pm, game tutor Lucilla Legenda will upload the official chat image
  3. Post your questions as comments below the image, and the developers will reply to as many as they can

More updates: Follow the Gladiator Heroes Facebook page to keep updated

7 replies
  1. Witold
    Witold says:

    Hello, my game Gladiators get frozen, got reward screen, touching rewards icon, and nothing happen, can’t go back or forward, is useless at the moment, can I get help in this situation, what do I need to do?

  2. Ming
    Ming says:

    Thanks for an entertaining game ?? How do I rank up my gladiators? Will you update the game any time soon to fix bugs and errors?

    • Danika
      Danika says:

      Hi Ming, there are two new updates scheduled for the next couple of weeks. To level up your gladiators, just max out their XP bar 🙂

  3. Ong Joo Hin
    Ong Joo Hin says:

    update some options for leveling gladiators please , is annoying when u have to enter instances for 30-40 times for a level …make swipe 10/20/30 times options maybe ?
    Maybe a Gladiator skills shop ? gems to reset gladiator skills ?

  4. stad1618
    stad1618 says:

    hi, i love the of a kindand ub=nique experience, i’ve been playing it for a couple of months now, just wondering maybe you can add horses,chariots etc. later on the game.


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