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Clans are changing the “fame” game

Lanistae, you’ve been waiting for what feels like a lifetime –  but finally, the Clan System is coming to Gladiator Heroes! And with it come some very exciting changes to “fame” as you know it.   Rebalancing fame Once the mighty Clan System has been implemented, the fame of ALL players will be rebalanced and […]

Using order of initiative in your ultimate combat strategy

From lightning-speed assassins to delayed defenders, we explore everything that affects the order of initiative, and how you can incorporate it to create the ultimate strategy.   Movement + (attack – armour) = initiative Your gladiator’s statistics are influenced by a wide range of factors. In terms of initiative, your gladiators’ movement stats are the […]

The next Gladiator Heroes Update has Arrived

Months in the making and weeks of waiting; finally the next Gladiator Heroes update is here! We’ve been dropping hints across our social media channels and in chats with fans about what the next round of improvements will include, and it’s now time for all you excited lanistae to get back into the game and […]

Tu feedback sobre Gladiator Heroes nos importa

Si eres un gamer serio, o sólo un jugador casual, sabrás que enviar feedback a grandes empresas de videojuegos a veces te puede hacer sentir como si estuvieras hablando a la pared. ¿Realmente les importa lo que creo? ¿Reciben mis ideas? Desde su concepción, Gladiator Heroes ha sido desarrollado y mejorado basado en el feedback […]