Developer Genera Games
Main Features Fighting, combat, multiplayer, clans
Platform iOS, Android
Release Date May 2017

Gladiator Heroes
Download for Android / iOS – iPhone & iPad

Gladiator Heroes is one of the best fighting, action and PVP mobile games currently available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Find out more information, tips, tricks and hints, to help you become the mightiest player in this epic fighting game!



Build your army of epic ancient fighters and battle in bloody combats to take over the realm and win the Gods’ favour. Fight for honour, fight for glory, and fight for the blood of your enemies in the arena, using a range of weapons and armour; shields, swords, axes, war hammers and spears.

Do you dare face off against other players in PVP mode? Gladiator Heroes includes one of the most advanced multiplayer systems of any fighting or action game on the App Store or Google Play.

You can play against your enemies in real time in multiplayer mode, making sure your fighters are fully trained and equipped with the best armour and weapons. Fight to become the best player in this free mobile game.

Join or build your own unbeatable clan to battle against other guilds in Clan Wars, where you fight in non-stop real time battles to claim territory and win points. Only the best fighters in the Roman Empire will achieve victory.

You’re the protagonist and the Gods are on your side, will you prove your valour? Build a team of legendary fighters, from gladiators, to Spartans and mythical beasts.

Gladiator Heroes is the top fighting and PVP game available to download on your iPhone, iPad or Android device for free from the App Store and Google Play.

Find out how to become the best player in Gladiator Heroes with the best tips, tricks and hints to build the best clan, hire the strongest fighters, mine more resources and win more battles.

Want to know how to win a Clan War in Gladiator Heroes? Or how to hire a five-star gladiator?

Our Gladiator Heroes blog has all the resources you need to learn how to play Gladiator Heroes, and how to be the best player in this free mobile fighting game.

You can also follow Gladiator Heroes on Facebook or Twitter for all the updates about the game. You can also check out the Gladiator Heroes Wiki page for detailed information on all the fighters, weapons, armour, skills and enemies in the game.

Are you ready to fight in epic combats and become the best fighter the ancient Gods have seen? Download Gladiator Heroes for free on the App Store or Google Play for your iPhone, iPad or Android device today!