Developer Genera Games
Main Features Fighting, shooting, running, ninjas
Platform iOS, Android
Release Date November 2017

Ninja Dash
Download for Android / iOS – iPhone

A new arcade action and adventure game awaits; transform into a genuine ninja. Are you ready to get stuck into the world of Ninja Dash? If you are, don’t hesitate – download the new Japanese action game, Ninja Dash RPG Ronin Jump.



Your ninja training has come to an end. Grab your katana sword and face the ninja daemons. You’ll be able to level up your warrior and make new weapons. The master needs you. Follow the ninja path and recuperate the stolen Master Sushi so you don’t lose your ninja cool!

With this beat em up fighting arcade game, you’ll be able to show off your ninja skills; a true action and adventure experience awaits! An arcade game in which you can choose from various play modes and control your samurai warrior with your finger, jump over your enemies using double jump, dodge their attacks and hit them with your katana sword. Dodge the obstacles, collect the rewards and destroy the enemy. A genuine challenge that’s well within the reach of a true Samurai warrior!

To transform into a genuine Samurai, you’ll have to complete a number of challenges: fighting against the ninja devils in each level, transform into a flying ninja bird and escape the battle, fighting to survive a group of daemons who are trying to kill you, fighting and completing all the levels to reach the final epic duel. To reach this duel you should complete the different levels to unlock the map.

Collect materials and build the right sword for you or go to the shop to buy special equipment for the battle. Storm the cities to win loot and resources – finding the best equipment is in your hands. Personalise your team and become the best ninja. Train your ninjas in the Sensei Dojo to level up and get more coins to improve your team in the shop and become unstoppable! When you level up, you’ll receive gems to improve your ninja!

Are you ready to fight the most epic battle and transform into the best ninja? Don’t wait any longer and download free for iPhone/Android on Google Play or in the App Store. The new Japanese arcade action game Ninja Dash RPG Ronin Jump and unleash your inner ninja. The world you were waiting for has arrived.