Developer Genera Games/1MBand
Main Features Shooting, war, sniper, guns
Platform iOS, Android
Release Date July 2017

Cover Fire
Download for Android / iOS – iPhone

Lead your brave brigade of heroes into war against Tetracorp, an evil mega-corporation that has taken over the world, in this exciting shooting game for iPhone, iPad and Android devices! Immerse yourself in non-stop action as you explore realistic, warlike environments with HD graphics and amazing special effects. Welcome to Cover Fire, the best free shooting game for mobile on the App Store and Google Play!



Explore dense jungles, barren deserts, forgotten cities and urban wastelands hiding out and ambushing the enemy, honing your sharp-shooting skills to take down your opponents and gain ground on Tetracorp.

Cover Fire is a multilayered first-person shooter (FPS) filled with heart-racing missions and special challenges, with never-ending shooting action on your iOS or Android device!

A valuable resource, the element 115, can decide the fate of humankind and cannot fall into the hands of Tetracorp. Face off against the enemy army to capture and take control of this element in this war for survival.

Take part in online multiplayer tournaments where you face up against other assassins, shooting your way through interactive environments in PVP mode. Alternate between your shooters in real time to select the best fighter for every situation.

Cover Fire was one of the first FPS games to incorporate iOS’ 3D-touch capabilities, where the force of your touch controls the speed and aim of your shots. Couple with the game’s HD graphics and immersive sounds, this is as close as you can get to fighting the war in real life.

Collect weapons, armor and ammunition and equip and upgrade your fighters to have them ready for battle. There are enemies lurking behind every corner – are you ready to take them on?

Your Android or iOS device is now a shooting machine; line up and fire at your targets with sniper rifles, machine guns and grenades. This action game also features other-worldly special events, including a zombie shooting mission where you must take on the undead.

Build your team of shooters and alternate between different characters to take on a range of missions, bound to get your pulse racing!

Cover Fire is the best free shooting game for mobile, available now on the App Store and Google play for your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Will you be able to annihilate your enemies in this bloody war? Welcome to the best mobile shooting game. Welcome to the resistance. Welcome to Cover Fire.