Developer Genera Games
Main Features Running, shooting, jungle, rambo
Platform iOS, Android
Release Date July 2016

Ramboat 2
Download for Android / iOS – iPhone

Ramboat has a new war to fight and it’s your turn to show that you’re the metal gear that will obliterate the whole opposition. Use weapons and your vehicles to kill off your opponents, as well as personalising your characters.



If you’re looking for both action games and shooting games, this is the game for you! Collect weapons to kill off your opponents, personalise your metal gear and drive military vehicles while preparing for combat. If you like to run, jump and shoot, you’ll be addicted to this game.

Survive when you’re attacked by parachutists, soldiers with rocket launchers and submarines. A whole army is waiting for you and you need to be ready to show them who’s boss.

Collect coins and power ups to improve the weapons and improve the strength or timing of the fire.

To play, you’ll have to jump to dodge obstacles, press the shooting button to kill the opponents and tap to throw grenades and kill off a strong group or destroy an opponent’s vehicle!

Improve your Metal Gear using different outfits and weapons which you can upgrade as you get more money over the course of the different stages. Destroy your enemies and complete the stage so your Metal Gear soldier can work their way up the military ranks.  Download free!

You can try playing with more than 12 members of the group, each with its own team and skills. They are all different, so you’ll have to choose which to use in each stage, wisely. Use more than 12 speedboats and pirate ships or yachts and kill all your opponents!

Destroy the enemy camps by shooting, destroy the final boss and deactivate the bomb. You’ll be able to increase your strength and shooting speed while destroying the enemies. Find an epic gadget and destroy all of your enemies with the perfect weapon.

It’s also available in multiplayer mode so that you can play with your friends. It’s also available in Elite mode – what a challenge! The classic ARCADE game that will ensure you have a great time and plenty of fun with your friends. Transform into the most feared metal gear and kill all of the opposition by shooting with incredible weapons and driving special vehicles.

You’ll be able to jump and shoot using just one finger! The interface is very simple and easy to use. Download Ramboat 2 and play for free! It’s available on the IOS platforms – IPhone and Android.