Developer Genera Games
Main Features Running, jumping, addictive gameplay
Platform iOS
Release Date 2016

Jumping Dinosaur – Steve
Download for iOS – iPhone

The fun infinity running games has landed in your notifications. Meet your new friend, Steve, a dinosaur in a desert where you’ll have to jump to dodge the cactuses.


In this incredible infinity running game, you’ll have to help Steve dodge as many cactuses as possible by tapping the screen on your device to jump.

You’ll be able to unlock new characters and locations as you advance, breaking your own records.

You’ll only need one finger! You’ll only need it to jump and dodge all of the obstacles that you’ll find in the different locations. You’ll find different locations as you unlock them. These locations are classic 2D arcade style. Run in this incredible infinity running game and break as many records as possible!

Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur is great because as it’s in the notifications centre, you’ll be able to play whenever you want and as comfortably as possible. Compare your score with your friends’, enjoy tapping and get the best score! Beat your friends and break more and more records to unlock more characters and locations.

With just one click, you’ll jump and dodge as many obstacles as you can in order to get incredible new characters and locations. Tap and enjoy this incredible infinity running game.

Run as fast as you can in this infinity running game and dodge all the obstacles until you complete the levels! Break as many records as possible to go that bit further and beat your friends.  Discover new moves as you advance in this infinity running game!

Click and tap the screen to jump and dodge the obstacles you find along the way Enjoy unblocking other characters such as a wild lion, a doughnut, a slow zombie, a dangerous dragon, an animé character or a nyan cat! As you can see, there are numerous characters to unlock.  Can you get them all?

Connect to Facebook and sync the game with your friends to compete between you and discover which records you’ve each broken! Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur is the most exciting infinity running game. Download it now on iOS – iPhone for free and break all of your friend’s records and unlock more characters and locations than them.