Developer Genera Games
Main Features Pets, dogs, cats, widget
Platform iOS
Release Date 2018

Pix! Virtual Pet Widget Game
Download for iOS – iPhone

If you’ve always wanted a pet but never bought one, get PIX! With My first virtual pet game you’ve got the chance to get one for free via Google Play. At Genera Games, we will bring you a wide variety of pets you can look after and bring up. It’s the chance to get your virtual pet. Get one with Pix!


With Pix! My first virtual pet game: find your ideal pet and always have your best friend with you, wherever you are. Download it onto your phone via Google Play and enjoy this Pet Game Casual where you’ll always need to look out for your pets. Raise it from a puppy, wash it when needed, feed it so it grows, take it for walks and cuddle it. There are plenty of activities you’ll have to do to make your Pix grow and develop.

Do everything you’ve always wanted to with your pet and always keep your Pix with you. You’ve got a wide variety of unique and customisable Pix which will make sure you’ve got thousands of hours of fun, company and money.

Do you want to look after a puppy, a kitten, a hamster or even a cub? Now is your chance, with Pix! My first virtual pet game. These aren’t your only options. For fantasy lovers, there are also dreamlike Pix. Raise a dinosaur or even a unicorn. You decide between all of the creatures on offer and personalise it to make your unique pet. Which Pix is yours?

You won’t only have to look after your Pix, but also their surroundings. Decorate their house with hundreds of colourful walls, different flooring or even furniture such as beds. Buy them different toys to play with them and have a great time for hours. Always keep your Pix happy and healthy.

Why not enjoy a pretty stroll with your Pix. Go on different adventures with your Pet and gain coins to buy them treats. The fun never ends with your Pix and the mini games you’ll be able to share with them.

Collect the different types of Pix, get epic eggs and legendary pets to add to your Pixbook!

Pix is a realistic pet simulator for everyone. It won’t leave adults, nor children, indifferent. Download free on Google Play and enjoy these adorable pets you’ll just want to love forever.

Share them with your friends on Facebook and form part of our community. Who will have the cutest and most unique Pix? Enjoy this Pet Game for Android free on Google Play and give all your love to your adorable Pix.