Developer Genera Games
Main Features Color, logo, quiz
Platform iOS, Android
Release Date 2015

Download for Android / iOS – iPhone & iPad

Are you a trivia whiz when it comes to matching objects, brands and logos to their specific colors? Then you’ll love Colormania, an exciting and addictive game for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.



This entertaining logos quiz shows you lots of different brand logos, and you have to correctly guess their colors. Scroll through hundreds of different logos from your favourite food, sports, confectionary and car brands, as well as TV shows, characters and movies.

What color are Superman’s pants? Is the Dunkin’ Donuts logo pink or orange? Put your knowledge to the test in Colormania and select the correct colors for hundreds of different logos! Colormania is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.

With just a tap of your finger you can select one or more colors for the different logos. Test your memory in this addictive brain game. If you’re a real puzzle-solver you’ll love this game, that both trains your brain and improves your observational skills.

Guess the colors of logos from different groups like TV, movies, characters, sports, magazines, companies, food, country flags, car brands, celebrities, cartoons and much more! Fly through levels, earning points from every logo that you guess right. Challenge your friends and family to achieve the highest score.

Earn special power ups, which will help you solve those tricky levels. The “hammer” tool helps you to blast possible color solutions. The “brush” tool paints on the correct response. You can purchase packs with these special powers in the game. Download Colormania for free no your iPhone, iPad or Android device for free!

Each level is more difficult and complicated than the last. Train your memory and test your observational skills in the addictive quiz game. You only have a finite number of lives to guess correctly, so choose your colors wisely!

Colomania is one of the most popular color quiz games on the App Store and Google Play. Join millions of addicted players in this fun color-guessing game. Do you have what it takes to pick the correct colors for hundreds of different logos and objects?

If you love visual quiz games, then Colormania is the game for you! Strengthen your memory in this exciting mind game for mobile. How much can you remember? Download Colormania from the App Store or Google Play today!