Developer Genera Games
Main Features Blocks, match, build
Platform iOS
Release Date 2018

Brix! Block Blast
Download for iOS – iPhone

Brix! is here on iPhone, iPad and Android – one of the most fun puzzle games in history! Block Blast! With this fun puzzle block games you’ll be able to solve hundreds of puzzles, working you way through loads of levels. If you’re looking for a new gaming experience, Brix is the game for you!


Brix! is a very relaxing match 3 puzzle game which revolutionises the traditional puzzle game. In this match 3 game you can solve hundreds of puzzles and work your way through the levels. It’s an easy game to play and great fun! You can download it free in the App Store or Google Play.

Once you start the first level, you won’t be able to stop playing. It’s very addictive! In each level you’ll have to throw blocks and match blocks of the same colour to destroy them. That’s the only way you can move up through the levels. Think about each move and try and use the fewest pieces possible. There are different combination. Get special powers that will help you to create explosions of colours, light and sound with which you’ll destroy a number of pieces.

Brixie is waiting for you in this incredible puzzle block game. You need to help her solve all of the puzzles with the highest number of stars. Solving so many puzzles becomes addictive! There are loads of different pieces. As you move through the levels you’ll come across special blocks which are protected by chains, wood, bubbles, etc. In order to destroy them, you’ll need to try different combinations. In this puzzle game you should move through the adventure and construct buildings in the city. This is the only way you can extend your city.

You’ll love throwing and joining blocks. It will remind you of classic puzzles. Brix! is easy to play but difficult to master. You can play with just one finger – touch the screen and throw the blocks in this incredible puzzle game.

In Brix! you’ve got the chance to compete against your friends. Who will get the highest ranking? Connect the game with Facebook to see the classification rankings, send and receive lives from your friends and save your progress in the cloud.

Are you up for the adventure? Don’t wait any longer and download Brix!, free. Block Blast for iPhone, iPad and Android phones in the App Store. The most relaxing puzzle game in history awaits. Welcome to the world of block games.