Developer Genera Games
Main Features bubble shooter, puzzle, match, cooking
Platform iOS, Android
Release Date May 2019

Bubble Chef
Play on Android & iPhone/iPad

Best pop bubble shooter game! The first VISUAL 3D bubble shooter game: watch as the balls bounce down the board! Aim and blast bubbles to unlock ingredients and travel the world cooking delicious dishes in exotic destinations.


Where will you go? From Japan to Paris, Spain to China and back to Italy – there are so many amazing culinary destinations to travel to. Roll sushi, boil pasta, and carefully put together sweet macaroons.

You can even unlock recipes to try at home in your very own kitchen!

Get lost in the world of Bubble Chef. Addictive gameplay, an engaging storyline and delicious food.


  • FULLY 3D VISUALS: Watch as the bubbles bounce off the board as you aim, shoot and unlock them
  • Rescue ingredients: Shoot bubbles to unlock special ingredients and create dishes
  • Travel the world: Visit new destinations and create local meals: from sushi in Japan to pizza in Rome
  • Cook at home: Unlock REAL RECIPES that you can recreate at home!
  • Engaging storyline: Join our top chefs in an exciting worldwide adventure