Developer Genera Games
Main Features Fighting, combat, multiplayer, clans
Platform iOS, Android
Release Date May 2017

Star Wars: Puzzle Droids
Download for Android / iOS – iPhone

You’re the universe’s only help! Embark on an epic journey through a galaxy far, far away, blasting exciting match-3 levels, in Star Wars Puzzle Droids. Download the best Star Wars puzzle game on the App Store and Google Play today!



Genera Games is renowned for its exciting and addictive match-3 games. In Star Wars Puzzle Droid, we teamed up with Disney and Lucasfilm to bring you the best match-3 game in the Star Wars saga.

Your iPhone, iPad or Android device is a portal into the Star Wars galaxy, where you must travel the universe alongside trusty droid companions.

Complete with sound effects from the movies, high-quality graphics, realistic action, and never-ending gameplay, Star Wars Puzzle Droids is the ultimate match-3 game for Star Wars lovers!

Join your favorite characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, like Rey, Finn, Han Solo and Poe Dameron, and take on the First Order in this exciting adventure puzzle game!

Unlock the memories of the galaxy’s most trusted companions: droids. Access BB-8 and R2D2’s memory banks for an epic retelling of the Star Wars saga. Collect supplies, improve your skills, and take on your enemies in the exciting match-3 levels.

Journey across the galaxy, unlocking new map areas like Jakku, Takodana, and the Death Star. Unleash epic power ups to help you clear the board and earn epic rewards!

Create combinations of tiles to sweep the board, unlock spare parts, and eliminate matching colors. Each mission has a different aim: collect certain supplies, beat the clock, or eliminate blocked sections of the board. It’s up to you to master the levels and rid the galaxy of evil!

With over a decade of experience creating match-3 games, here at Genera Games we’ve put our know-how into practice to create one of the most popular free Star Wars games for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for the best Star Wars match-3 game, you’ve come to the right place! Star Wars Puzzle Droids is free to download on the App Store and Google Play.

Help your favorite Star Wars characters traverse a galaxy far, far away by downloading Star Wars Puzzle Droids on your iPhone, iPad or Android device today!