Developer No Rush Studio
Main Features Decision-making, cards, Sci Fi
Platform iOS, Android
Release Date August 2018

Final Frontier
Download for Android / iOS – iPhone & iPad

Final Frontier is an exciting, immersive RPG decision-making game for iOS and Android. Newly released on the App Store and Google Play, Final Frontier is one of the most-hyped science fiction storyline games right now.



It’s the year 3018. After the depletion of the world’s natural resources, space colonisation seems to be the only way for humanity to survive. You’re appointed as Intergalactic Captain in a fleet of space exploration ships, filled with potential colonisers ready to settle in a new world.

Explore the universe and discover new planets in this exciting SciFi decision game. Role play as an Intergalactic Captain and make decisions that ensure the future of humanity.

Your overlords are the commanders of Metropolis, a hub filled with the world’s elite back on Earth. It’s up to you to find a new planet to both colonise and to mine for resources to support in your home planet.

Final Frontier is an RPG decision game with an immersive storyline and unique graphics. Get lost in this new science fiction story set in a futuristic space adventure.

The future of civilisation hinges on the decisions you make. Hundreds of different characters in the game: from your Earthly commanders, to your staff, to the native people on new planets, will let you know their problems, needs and demands. You need to respond to them, all the while keeping four main elements in balance: power, The Metropolis, the colonisers and the natives.

Follow the science fiction story as you embark on an adventure to colonise new planets in outer space in this RPG game.

Swipe left or right to make your decision, keeping in mind the elements that they may affect. Be careful! If your four key elements are out of balance, you might meet a grizzly end!

Favour The Metropolis too much in your decision-making? The colonisers stage a mutiny against you! Ignore the needs of the planet natives? You’re assassinated!

Collect the different ways to die as you follow the storyline. Every time an Intergalactic Captain dies, a new one takes his spot, and you follow the story from where you left off.

Final Frontier is available to download from the App Store or Google Play for iOS or Android devices today. Get lost in the vast expanse of the universe in this fun science fiction, RPG and decision-making game!