Developer Genera Games
Main Features Dragons, RPG, battles
Platform iOS, Android
Release Date 2017

Taps and Dragons
Download for Android / iOS – iPhone

Click non-stop, tap and destroy thousands of monsters in Taps and Dragons. An RPG by Genera Games, where your hero and their companions will become dragon slayers. Level up and show you skills by hunting monsters which try to take over the world.



A super addictive RPG game. How many hits will you be able to get? Hunt the dragons which are trying to take over and become a great hero. Will you be able to slay them all?

Unlock new heroes which will help Yami, your champion ninja. She’s committed to kill all the monsters which invade us, but unlocking chests and coins. Along the way, you’ll have to destroy everything from dragons and titans to ogres and gnomes –  a wide range of enemies threaten you.

Level up Yami the ninja and the items, strengthening her weapons and armour, improving her skills and spells to destroy even the most feared monsters.

Fill your bows with the coins you get from each monster you kill and become a dragon slayer. Use your equipment and skills to hit harder and end all evil. The hit of a hero!

Your finger is the only thing that can save the world from these monster’s attacks. Attack with thousands of hits by tapping or clicking in this idle game and destroy the Master of Dragons. Get your companions together and head up the attack. To the weapons!

Take your adventure to epic fantasy settings filled with beauty, colours, details and light effects. In thousands of dungeons where thousands of monsters await you. You’ll have to kill them.

Find great companions and level up, as you’ll need their help to get rid of this threat. What’s a hero without their companions? Combine your teammates and get better companions with enough power to take on whatever is to come. Mix different strengths such as magicians and rogues to find out what new skills you’ll find.

Blood and fire, forge your way as a warrior and earn coins hunting these monsters in dungeons in this fantasy idle game. With simple handling, your taps and clicks give infinite hits and special combos to your enemies. The power is at your fingertips.

Download free on Google Play and enjoy hours and hours of entertainment with Taps and Dragons on Android.