Developer Genera Games
Main Features Escape, RPG, maze
Platform Android
Release Date 2017

Dungeon Escape
Download for Android

Dungeon Escape is a great Action and RPG game where you’ve got to escape from the dungeons and labyrinths and take down different monsters of you’ll find en route. Transform into the most powerful warrior by improving your armour and weapons.


Choose your hero and prepare yourself! You’re inside a dungeon or danger zone and there are more and more monsters, including skeletons, goblins, dragons and many more, are coming for you, as well as lots of dangerous obstacles which you’ll find along the way. Depending on which hero you choose, you’ll have certain powers. Some have fireballs, others have shields. You’ll be able to use them to fight against you opponents and escape.

In the dungeons you’ll find different treasures which you’ll have to open to obtain loots and create runes and weapons to destroy your opponents. Level up and become an unstoppable warrior!

Air, water, fire,nature and darkness. Use these powers wisely, depending on the different stages, so they can help you find the way out. Remember to use your power and life potions so nothing happens to you during the battle against your opponents.

Search inside the dungeons and labyrinths to find the key and move onto the next level.

If you love RPG games, have fun with this great Hack & Slash game. Destroy all your enemies, improve your weapons and armour to kill them all and be the best warrior in history!

Enjoy this Role Playing game, destroying the goblins, orcs, dragons, skeletons, vampires and many more. Raise your sword and kill them all, or use your magic powers so they can’t prevent you from rising to the next level and becoming a legendary warrior.

The game is very simple and easy to use, but if you want to master it you won’t find it so straightforward ;). You can drink the potions to gain power or health, attack or use your skills with just one finger. Find the chests and take all the loots inside to create runes and improve your weapons, as well as other bonuses.

An incredible Action and Adventure game in third person, with isometric view and HD graphics. All characters are 3D with great effects so you can enjoy it on your device screen.