Developer Genera Games
Main Features Summoning, cards, battles
Platform iOS, Android
Release Date 2017

Team Z: League of Heroes
Download for Android / iOS – iPhone

Team Z – League of Heroes: Superhero Games is one of the best RPG games in which you have to create your team of champions and fight intense battles. Collect, craft, create and combine your heroes to form the strongest team, overcoming the diverse obstacles and killing your enemies.



Create your league of justice with your champions, kill the villains and their bosses. With a turn-based games combat system, choose your targets wisely to take advantage of your strengths and exploit the weaknesses of your enemies.

Level up your heroes, find new squads, evolve and combine them to create the best squad and save the Galaxy. Create your dream squad to get rid of all the baddies.

Use superpowers for fatal blows, summon allies, craft weapons and legendary heroes. Do what you need to do to rid the universe of villains.

Gain experience and rewards in each combat, evolve your heroes and combine your champions to level up. Improve their stats, get new powers and weapons which help in your future battles.

Take part in the events to get rewards, get your daily bonus every day when you connect, complete the missions and unlock the achievements with great rewards.

Dive into the superhero world with incredible turn-based battles in which you’ll need to take into account the characteristics of each character if you want to get the best out of your team. For example, the buffs and debuffs you’ll find throughout the battles to strengthen your allies or threaten your enemies.

PVP multiplayer, challenge other players to see who has the strongest heroes. Become the champion of the universe and be crowned number 1. Get rewards and unlock achievements which will help you stay on top.

Don’t forget there are events for a limited time to take down special bosses and achieve incredible rewards.

Download free and enjoy one of the most addictive games where you’ll be able to move through the story and become the saviour of the universe or take part in great PVP battles and be the best hero among heroes.

Team Z – League of Heroes is available for Android and iOS, you can download it free on Google Play and in the App Store.