Developer Genera Games
Main Features Money, counting, idle tap
Platform Android
Release Date 2017

Death Tycoon
Download for Android

Death Tycoon is the best game to make money using taps and clicks! You’ll have to open your restaurant chain in the underworld, start selling tacos, nachos and other Mexican dishes and earn money!


If you’ve always enjoyed playing money games and idle games and you also want to make money because you dream of becoming a millionaire, this game is perfect for you. Juanito el Muerto is the manager of the Mexican chain. Juanito loves money and wants to earn more and more. That’s why he needs you. He needs you to make taps and clicks so the fortune grows.  Expand Juanito el muerto’s business and get rich!

In this seriously fun game you’ll be able to earn money, but first you’ve got to make food, including popcorn, nachos, tacos, fish, soups and much more. Improve your food stall, discover new recipes and invest in your employees to get better skills.

If you’re a clicker and looking for a tap and click game that prevents boredom and makes money, this is the game for you. You should take part in the Taps events to earn more money and gems which you an use to open more restaurants and get more profits. During these events, you’ll come across the musician or fighter with which you’ll be able to win lots of money. So, we hope you don’t loose your chance.

Sometimes the internet connection doesn’t work so well in the underworld, but don’t worry! You’ll be able to play Death Tycoon without internet access and continue being a millionaire! So don’t worry. You’ll be able to continue making money, even without internet access.

Thanks to this idle game, you can be far away from your phone, sleeping, and when you come back, surprise! All your resources will have increased and you’ll also have new bonuses. You’ll also be able to manage your franchises using the map, controlling your resources and be a tycoon.

Expand your empire and become a tycoon managing your resources, food and restaurants to make more money. Play this incredible Miner game where you can gain lots of resources.

Download this incredible money game for free on Android and iOS and enjoy earning money while expanding your empire, managing your resources and improving your restaurants.