Developer Genera Games & Campero Games
Main Features Soccer, football, battle royale
Platform Android
Release Date 2018

Soccer Royale
Download for Android, iPad & iPhone

We hope you’re ready to be a football legend, because Soccer Royale has arrived! In this incredible football and card game you’ll have to beat your opponents using your best strategies.


You’ll have to choose your favourite clan and a become a legend in the world of football! An authentic Clash-style football game. A new style of game has arrived on your favourite platforms and it’s a great success!

Create your strategy, plan each match and above all, choose your best cards to beat your opponents and win with a genuine goal. You’ll have to win and score lots of goals, as only the top stars will make it to the world cup!

Play Online with your friends! Create a competition and beat them all with your favourite club. You’ll have to create your tactics, play in entertainment mode, plan your moves for each match, make switches and much more!

Win trophies as you beat your opponents and climb the world rankings until you become a genuine football star. You’ll be able to use different powers to beat your opponents, but you’ll have to use them at the right time so they have a big impact! Have great fun with this incredible Soccer game and enjoy winning competitions!

Create your decks of cards as you unlock them to be the best Soccer Royale player in the Global Ranking! You can also use Power-ups to get advantages and beat your opponents. Use entertainment mode to build up a great strategy to use against your friends in order to win the competitions.

Use your best line-ups to beat your most feared opponents. The best teams including FC Barcelona, Real Madrid or Manchester United will sign you if you become the football star you’ve always dreamed of! Enjoy this fantastic football and strategy game and have a great time competing against your friends.

Every match is a new experience! Choose your best cards and win against your opponents with your incredible moves and score a goal! Download Soccer Royale free now and have fun playing the best Football and strategy game available on your favourite iOS platforms – iPhone and Android.