Developer Genera Games
Main Features Soccer, football, cards
Platform Android
Release Date 2018

SOCCUP 2018 Soccer Star
Download for Android

The best card football game is here! Play Soccup now and have a great time with your friends. Score goals with this fun card game and beat your opponents or friends in competitions such as the Champion’s League, Football World Cup and even in other tournaments.


Score goals, beat the opposition and become a football legend playing with your cards! Enjoy this incredible card football game and have a great time playing with your friends. Choose your favourite team, personalise your line-up and choose your selection to beat all your opponents.

Soccup features three different game modes: You’ll come across the entertainment mode, where you’ll be able to perfect your game, also in online football matches with friends or rivals from across the world and champions league and world cup modes where you’ll have to compete against your rivals to win the competition.

Choose your strategy to score more goals against your opponents and win the competition. Win the world cup with your team or choose you selection to win more matches and get more points. After, you’ll be able to use these points to unlock bonuses such as equipment, new positions for your cards, special skills or even energy drinks. What team are you going to choose in order to win the competition?

Challenge players from other countries and beat them with your team! Practice your strategies in the entertainment mode to perfect them and destroy your opponents. Get coins in each match and get new improvements and power-ups to get advantages against your opponents and win the match!

Play with or without internet, play on the metro or wherever you are! You’ll also be able to play with no internet connection. Enjoy this card game and have a great time playing with your friends and other players from around the world. Beat all your opponents with your personalised positions and favourite selection.

Soccup 2018 Soccer Stars is a football game which has been developed by Genera Games. It’s not the only football game created by Genera. There are more, such as: Soccer Start 2018 World Cup Legend: Road to Russia!, Soccer Heroes 2018 – RPG – Free Football Game, Soccer Start 2018 Top Leagues and Head Soccer Russia World 2018. Download now on iOS – Free on iPhone and Android!