Developer Genera Games
Main Features Tower defense, battles
Platform Android
Release Date 2017

Skull Towers
Download for Android

A new Tower Defense game with RPG (role playing games) elements has arrived. Available for mobiles and tablets on Google Play. Control your bow in first person with Skull Towers and don’t let the skeletons make it to your castle. If you’re a fan of tower defense games, this is the game for you.


A huge number of skeletons are trying to destroy your castle. You’re the only person who can kill them, thanks to your bow. Skull Towers is an offline castle defense game in which you’re a bowman and have to kill loads of skeletons which come close to your tower, using magic arrows, special powers and other weapons. Stop the skeletons from entering the castle – none can go inside! Skull Towers is also a role playing game!

If you’re a huge fan of war and strategy games, including first-person shooters and RPG (role play), Skull Towers is the game for you! A new td (tower defense) game has landed. You can download it free on Google Play.

Innovative gameplay: Skull Towers is a free tower defense game for Android, with elements of FPS (first person shooter), strategy and RPG (role playing). Use your bow, arrows and defense buildings to protect your castle and stop the skeletons from coming in! Killing skeletons to unlock different bows and magic bracelets. If the arrows aren’t enough, you can construct buildings and defense towers.

Skull Towers is an offline td game. You can play without wifi! If you’re a fan of castle defense games but can’t play online, this is the game for you! Don’t forget to improve your defense and prepare yourself for the final battle against Mr. Dark.

You’ll come across many 3D settings with incredible graphics and an epic soundtrack. The wave of enemies is getting closer! Prepare yourself for the most epic battle you’ve ever endured!

Can you win the battle? Don’t hesitate. Download free on your mobile or tablet via Google Play. The best TD and FPS game in the world, set in a medieval world. A great adventure awaits you. Are you ready? If you are, jump right into the world of Skull Towers.