We’re looking for a marketing specialist to join our new ideas department, ideally with a strong interest in the mobile market, technical skills and a lot of initiative, to plan, implement and evaluate marketing actions and prototypes for new games.

The required tasks of this role include:

  • Create acquisition campaigns for all our products, not only to increase the DUA but to also find lucrative niches, undertake market studies or test conversion
  • Investigate new promotional formats and possibilities for our products, both Disney and in-house
  • Assist the creative team in the creation with our new in-house products; themes, artistic styles, the ideas we want to transmit etc.
  • Create marketing strategies and campaigns to promote our new games
  • Contact, reach agreements and maintain strong relationships with influencer
  • Work alongside the analytics and production teams to manage in-game marketing, such as loyalty and retention campaigns, in-app store, offers, promotions and special events

The minimum requirements for this role include:

  • Able to work in our office in Seville
  • Studies related to the role (degree in marketing and market studies, Master in digital marketing and similar)
  • The ability to effectively communicate ideas both in English and Spanish
  • Experience undertaking market studies

Preferred professional attributes

  • Experience in a similar position in the video gaming sector
  • Experience in user acquisition (Facebook, AdWords and other networks)
  • Experience in social media, both as a user and as a community manager, specifically in the networks frequented by gamers
  • Experience with both the Apple App Store and Google Play
  • Creative experience in marketing campaigns and in-house product creation
  • Experience working with influencers

Preferred personal attributes

  • The ability to make decisions based on data analysis and evaluation
  • The ability to adequately give and receive feedback
  • Initiative, curiosity, and a keen interest in the uses and functions of search tools and algorithms
  • A knowledge and interest in the current mobile gaming market
  • The ability to constructively come up with solutions in the face of new challenges